Buddhist Iconography Identification Guide (ebook)

Andrey Terentyev
Buddhist Iconography Identification Guide. St. Petersburg, 2004.
ISBN 5-901941-11-X


Electronic book, pdf-version.

The present reference work on Tibetan Buddhist iconography is a revised and enlarged edition of works first published by the author in 1981-1995 in Russian only. Encompassing the entire system of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist iconography, the book features tables of iconographic elements with their Sanskrit, Tibetan, English, and Russian designations and proposes a standard description of Buddhist images as the basis for an identification guide with a database of some 5,000 images and 7,000 names. The first part of the guide, as published here, can be used to identify 1,052 figures or, working in the opposite direction, to locate iconic epresentations of 1,500 names.

Images of the Eighty-Four Mahasiddhas and the pantheon of the Kalachakra Tantra (the latter published here for the first time) are included in the appendices. Supplemented with Sanskrit, Tibetan, English, and Russian indexes, the book is designed for museum staff, collectors, art historians, researchers, and all those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Buddhist art

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